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Welcome to the page I have only dreamed of actually having. You can find my books here as well as all the bookish goodies that will go along with it. Including the art prints, bookmarks, and character trading cards. And that is just the start!

Triggers For The Kiss & Tell Trilogy

This book contains content that may be triggering. Contains physical violence, explicit language, sexual content. Mentions, but does not depict, non-descriptive memories of prior sexual assault. Mentions, but does not depict prior sexual assault. Mentions, but does not depict prior child abuse. Hit for hire. Murder.
Troupes included:

Why choose

Strong FMC



Bisexuality Rep

Diverse Cast 


Hand necklaces

Open-door spice

Lil Brat/ Good Girl vibes


No string

Comedic Relief



Duel POV

Dark Past.

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